Shock Absorber Wins Bronze!

27 November 2014

The ever popular Ultimate Run Bra from Shock Absorber continues to attract attention in this year’s Women’s Running Magazine Awards. We have been named the bronze award winnerin the sports bra category!

Tried and tested by a panel of judges, the Ultimate Run Bra receives sincere praise:

“Loved this…love the comfort of the rubber on the strap and it’s really easy to adjust.”

Running falls into the high-impact sports category, meaning that it can cause an impact of 2.5 times the runner’s body weight. Although high-impact sports can be very good for you it is very important to make sure you are wearing the correct sportswear to protect your body from the strain. Choosing the right sports bra is no different to selecting the right pair of trainers. Our Ultimate Run Bra is designed to offer the best possible support for running activities.

The Ultimate Run Bra reduces bounce by up to 78%* to protect your Cooper’s ligaments which support your breast tissue. Any excessive amount of breast movement puts strain on these ligaments causing them to stretch. Sadly, nothing can restore them so wearing high quality sports bras is the best way to prevent long term damage to your breasts during exercise.

Stay motivated, keep running and protect your assets by choosing the right sports bra!

*Testing carried out against “no bra” conditions by the University of Portsmoth, 2009 (Scurr and al).