#QuestionsWithKim Series 5: Goal Setting

19 September 2016

Our fifth and final #QuestionsWithKim is here! We would like to say a BIG thank you to Kim Ingleby for an amazing summer series and also to you all for sending in your must-know questions over the series.


In this episode, Kim has been answering all your ‘Goal Setting’ questions from setting short/long term goals to realistic time periods.



Q: Hi Kim, what do you suggest in setting a realistic goal over a time period? I tend to try doing too much at once and then losing motivation, or being unrealistic with the timescale. How can I work out that to achieve a goal (depending on the goal) it may be 2 months or 6 months or a year? Also do you think it’s best to have mini goals (short term) as well as long term to give a sense of achievement?

A: Great question, as I think it’s really easy to get excited, motivated or really focused and perhaps over commit to goals, and then feel disappointed that we have to achieved our goal and then get frustrated with ourselves.  I often ask myself, what’s important in my life right now?  So write this down, the things that you know you have to do, and want to do.  Then think about your goal, do you feel when you look at what is going on in your life right now there is the space to create for you to allow yourself to commit and achieve it?  Or, if there is not the space, are you willing to create it and talk to those around you to make sure you have their support and commitment to achieving the goal. This makes it more real, and potentially scary but will make sure that you are more likely to achieve your goal.

There are lots of studies, which suggest we can have a max of three areas of priority at any one time to achieve excellence. I think this is great thought and helps you to plan your year in four blocks, with 3 priority areas in each block. Play around with this idea and see how you get on.

Within the 3 month block, yes I think it’s key to have tiny progression, wellbeing and fun goals as they are really important to acknowledge and celebrate, as they are part of you changing and achieving your goals, and also help to support you if things go wrong and it takes longer to achieve your goal. In terms of choosing a timeframe for a specific goal, I always suggest adding a few extra days/week each month to allow for unexpected life things, tiredness, family illness and things you cannot control.

This means you have to be flexible with the plan, yet you are still accountable to making it happen. This can be tied in with your recovery week, which could be linked with your period and hormones (if relevant) and then moved as required with the unexpected things. Hope this helps, get a notebook and get creating and committing.  Do keep us posted how you go and what you choose to do this autumn, big support Kim.


Q: Can you offer advice on realistic goal, setting to stretch and build arm and shoulder strength. Inclusive for people over 45.

A: Really good question as, at any age our posture is often affected by our work, social media and television time.  So improving your arm and shoulder strength will help improve your posture, confidence, muscle tone and well-being I think.  I coach people from 14yrs old to 86 yrs old and I am often amazed that my youngest clients have more work to do on posture and muscle tone, so embrace whatever age you are reading this, and give this a go.

Firstly I would plan in a couple of 5-10min stretch routines, which you do at the beginning or end of your day.  I have mentioned before, but I really like the Tibetan 5 Moves, as they work through the whole body and really stretch out your shoulders and arms, whilst strengthening and toning them too.   It doesn’t take long (aim for just 2-3 of each movement, the recommendation is 21 but trust me, it still works with less). http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-17551/fountain-of-youth-5-tibetan-exercises-you-should-be-doing-every-day.html

On a couple of alternate days I would aim to do a little simple upper body workout, which you can do with water bottles, light dumbbells, resistance bands or just your body weight (the dumbbells and resistance bands are relatively cheap from John Lewis or Argos and maybe worth investing if you think you would use, but body weight is fine for most).  Make sure your body is warm by doing some light skipping or star jumps for a few minutes and then mobilising the arms.   Then try 1-3 sets of these for 60 secs each; Box or Half Press Ups, Shoulder Raises, Tricep Dips (on a secure chair), Shoulder Upright Row, Bicep Curl remember to breathe and pull your lower core muscles in.  Here’s a few simple ideas here – http://www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/get-fit-5-minutes-rockstar-arms-workout

I would recommend working the chest and back muscles too, as this will work the arms.  Also you may enjoy boxing and something you could do with a family or friend, fun, stress relieving and toning. Let me know how you get on and commit to doing both for 6 weeks and you will start to notice the difference, then keep going for another 6 weeks to really notice the changes.  Any questions do let us know, and if you experience any pain in the shoulder joint, stop and get your technique checked.
Q: Hi Kim , Although not overweight at 58 kg and BMI OF 21.5 I have some excess ‘flab’ around tummy . I run three times a week and do core stuff once a week . What would be a realistic time to lose maybe 2kg and get a toned tummy for a triathlon . I am 59 yr . Thanks
A: Without knowing your height it’s difficult to say exactly, but it would be good to get your body fat percentage, a waist measurement or simply photographs, rather than your weight I think.  As with those measurements, it sounds like you are really healthy and fit, yet I understand the area you would like to tone up.

Often when people are doing endurance sports, running and leading to triathlon their training is good and consistent but they sometimes lack good rest and the ‘right’ balance of good nutrition to give your body the aesthetic look you would like.  I would keep a little food diary for 5 days and check in with how many carbs, proteins and good fats you are eating and at what time of day.  Simply by tweaking your food, increasing your protein, green veggies, hydration and rest you may find you start to tone your tummy up more.

Then I would look at introducing one session a week that was shorter, yet a higher intensity, as this helps to boost your metabolism and ‘wake things up’.  Often endurance wise it’s easy to get stuck in one pace, so raising your pace for a session when you feel good is key. Remember, with each day, not just your core day to stand tall, breathe deeply and engage your lower core muscles, as this definitely makes a difference to the lower core.  I would then add a pilate/yoga class as this will help to lengthen and stabilise your muscles, which should improve how you feel and reduce the risk of injury.

Finally, I would start to massage that area with moisturisers, as many clients I find avoid the body part they don’t like, but by massaging that area, you wake it up and help to improve the skin condition. Adding an Omega 3 supplement (I like Bare Biology) can help with skin tone and joint health too, but if you eat lots of fish and seeds maybe not required! If you do all this, I am sure you will achieve your goal and look as awesome as you already do, but more toned!  You may even lose the 2kg if this is appropriate, but just watch going too low with your weight as this with endurance can compromise your immunity.


Q: Hi Kim, I’m acing my half marathon training this year, my finish time is 1 hour less than expected! Whoop whoop! So should I consider upping my goal to a full marathon next year or stick with progress on time ( 13.15 miles ­ 1 hour 57 mins) thanks Lx

A: Whoop indeed! Well done you, that’s amazing.  So several things to consider and ask yourself/write down…. Firstly, how much time do you have and what other priorities do you have in your life next year? A marathon takes a lot more time to train for properly, to enjoy and to stay injury free, so do you want to commit to that time next year?

Secondly, if this was your first year at half marathon’s (or even if it wasn’t), would you like to do another year of half marathon’s, either improving your time, exploring different routes or trying say a trail half marathon, which is more challenging and requires different training.

Finally, what excites and motivates you most?  If you have the time, choose that goal, if you don’t, plan it for 2018 and create goals in 2017 that motivate you!

If I was coaching you I would suggest 2-3 half marathon’s max, with 1 as your key race, 1 for fun and 1 back up, if you were training for a marathon, I would go for a half in the Spring and an Autumn marathon if this year is your first year running, and planning plenty of rest, core strength and sports massage/foam rolling in-between. Can’t wait to hear what you decide and supporting you all the way!  I have a series of strength/core workouts in Women’s Running until Feb 2017 so maybe grab a copy whatever your goal as it will help. Enjoy planning & choosing your goals.


Q: #QuestionsWithKim I struggle with setting short-term goals. I know my long term goal, to lose 3 and a half stone and tone up, but I struggle with setting shorter term goals to help keep me going and track my progress. The long. Term goal seems so far off. How do you go about setting shorter term goals and what time frame would you suggest, eg monthly, exercise times or duration per week, weekly #GoalSetting

A: Thank you so much for asking this goal, as it’s such a good question. Often we know what our end goal is, but it’s the middle bit that scary, daunting and uncomfortable, it feels like we will never get there so we get stuck in a loop. I know you can achieve this goal, and definitely we need to get you finding some short term goals to celebrate and achieve along the way.

Firstly I would get you to build a vision or quote pin board or book, sticking in all the bits of advice, photos, quotes, songs etc that inspire you to move towards what you want and keep you going.  Then I would get a couple of friends or people to support you, be your cheerleader or kick when needed, sometimes I will pay for a Coach to help with this, as whilst it’s an investment it makes me more accountable to getting it done and supporting me if I have a day where I don’t feel so committed (which is normal so don’t worry).

Then I would break it down into 3 month blocks (see question 1), what is your priority first, nutrition, stress/life/time creation, body confidence to commit to goals, fitness, movement, sleep, hormones… they all link together, but to avoid overwhelm, which one do you really want to create more positive habits with and why.  Then write a little simple plan, so not huge changes, just 1-2 things you are going to change every 3 weeks, so that your habits start to shift.

Keep a journal each week writing down what you are proud/happy of, and then 2 things you would like to do differently, mindset (internal language), food, fitness and how you are going to commit to it. For a three stone goal I would look at a 9 month time frame, with three key celebration points, and monthly small achievement goals along the way.  Okay, so you could do it quicker, but this allows life to happen and you to have a ‘bad’ day, but to know you can keep going, it allows you to shift your mindset and habits and really know you can do this differently.

So write down why you really, really want to do it, and not just to lose weight, but your why, why it matters to you and what you will gain from achieving this, what it makes possible.  This is your personal motivation yet equally remember to put rest and fun days in your plan.

Let me know how you get on, take the time to create the plan and update me how you go on twitter or fb, much support, Kim.


Thank YOU Shock Absorber Followers for an amazing Expert Series this Summer, you have been brilliant.  Keep a look out for my Festive Fit Bod 21 Day Challenge in November & Make your Life Brilliant Goal Setting Challenge in January, both will have discount offers for Team Shock!  Also for our Festive Christmas Prize too. In the meantime, keep in touch and know that I believe in you, and however tough things are right now, it will pass and you can do your ‘what if’ goal, just take good self care. And if things are amazing, make sure you celebrate and enjoy them now, to remember when times are tough!  Big, big support Coach Kim x