Get Up And Move This Summer – Motivation Is Your Fuel!

17 July 2016

Every year there are two main peaks in gym memberships. You guessed it: New Year and that first whiff of summer, mid spring. Women make New Year’s resolutions to become ‘a whole new’ person, to lose weight or just generally improve their health; or realise that their yearly sunny getaway is actually in sight and they better get crunching for that beach bod they’ve always dreamed of. Women arrive by the score. It seems so easy to seize that moment, motivated by that vision, and enrol in the gym.

The reality is there’ll inevitably be days when you won’t want to workout (or simply can’t). But that’s not a reason to give up all together. You’ve made this promise to yourself, the least you deserve is to follow it through. We’ve all been there, so this is our list to you to help you dig deep to find that motivation to keep going.

Focus On The Benefits

Keep a list of all the things you’re gaining close at hand for when that ‘meh’ feeling takes over. Remember it’s not just about looking great (though that is a fine by-product): think of better sleep, better skin, better posture and those endorphins! Stick a few motivational quote post-its around (or check our social feed!) – they’ll help you remember how good it feels to achieve your ambitions, however big or small.

Be Realistic

It’s all well and good saying you’re going to go every day to the gym and ‘make up for lost time’ – but how realistic is this? You risk shooting yourself in the foot: injuring yourself before you’ve begun and, unless you’re a serious athlete already, it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend ALL your spare time working out. Start off with 1 or 2 sessions per week, this is much more sustainable. We’re creatures of habit (well, most of us!), so establishing a routine can help keep you motivated – especially when you start to see results. See how it goes – if you really love it, build it up – maybe you’ll end up going daily.

Go Local

A no brainer, but you’re more likely to go to the gym if it’s near to your work or home – after a long day at work there’s nothing more demotivating than knowing you have to drag yourself across the city to just begin. So cut unnecessary commuting time!

Fuel Your Body

Make sure you’re eating & drinking enough, and enough of the good stuff pre and post your workout. You’ll be surprised at how this helps maintain energy levels during a workout. We regularly share lots of tips on our social channels about this – so tune in.

Move To The Beat

It’s been scientifically proven that music can help motivate and improve us exercise. Find the right beat for your activity, make a playlist of your favourite tunes (or check out ours) and make it a dance for your body. If you’re really not one for music though, there are so many motivational podcasts out there you could try.

We’re In This Together

Going it alone in every aspect of life is never easy. Of course you can do it, but if you’re having trouble keeping motivated a little peer support can go along way. Workout with a friend – you’ll be less inclined to break a promise with a friend than yourself (sad but true!). Or if your friends aren’t sporty, join group classes, or organisations such as Park Run or Good Gym – you’ll be amazed at how the friendly competition & community support can really help.

The Right Kit

Picking the right clothes can really make a difference to exercise. High heels and treadmills obviously don’t mix, and jeans and exercise bikes are just not going to be comfortable. But you shouldn’t underestimate how looking good can help make you feel confident and good on the inside too – so a little investment in the right kit can go a long way. Saying that, investing in what we wear under the exercise clothes we wear on the outside is equally, if not, more important. We are of course talking sports bras. Statistics show that a staggering 44% of women who exercise regularly do not wear a sports bra. With no muscle in the breast tissue we are all prone to movement and bounce, no matter what our size. Just try running to catch a bus in normal clothes if you’re honest with yourself, you can feel the twinge.


If The Bra Fits…

Why would you put yourself through that discomfort in a gym? Mention sports bras to anyone though and the image that comes to mind is a plain sturdy garment that looks completely unappealing & uncomfortable. Of course we all like our pretty lace bras, with underwire and padding, but we need to learn to love what we put in them and treat our boobs with the respect they deserve. With this in mind, Shock Absorbers have been not only built for the job, but they also come in a wide range of sizes, plenty of colours and are designed to look good – proving that great sports bras don’t have to be ugly. In fact, some of them are so pretty it would be a shame to cover them!


So what are you waiting for? There can be no more excuses, get out there and make the most of yourself! We believe in you! We’re here to support you inside & out ;). Get your sports bra, you tunes and get set for a motivated new you.